The 7 Chakras


There are 7 chakras in the body  chakra in Sanskrit  literally translates to wheel.  Chakras are energy centers that run along your spinal cord. From the top of your head at the crown down to the base of your spine by you tail bone.   Each chakra is related to a particular energetic function. You have 7 chakras each associated with a particular function  connected to both your physical body and you spiritual body. Throughout our lives we will experience blockages in your chakras which lead to problems not only related the health of our physical body but also our emotions and relationships.

Her is a guide to the 7 chakras

Root chakra ~ Function is survival located at the base of the spine.

Associated with ~ the hips, sacrum, legs, feet, lower intestine joints, bones, coccygeal nerve plexus.

When balanced ~ you feel grounded and stable.

When imbalanced ~ you feel fear.


Sacral ~ Function sensuality located below the naval

Associated with ~  sexual organs, lower back, abdomen, bladder, pelvis, sacral nerve plexus.

When balanced ~ good relationships

When un balanced ~ Unable to be intimate.


Solar plexus~ Function identity located at he base of the rib cage.

Associated with ~ the stomach, gastrointestinal tract, adrenals, organs, middle back, solar nerve plexus.

When balanced ~ Strong sense of self

When un balanced~ Anger , power hungry.


Heart~ Function Love located at the center of the chest

Associated with ~  Thymus glad, heart, lungs, breasts, shoulders, cardiac nerve plexus.

When balanced ~Able to give and receive love.

When blocked ~ Closed of to connections.


Throat ~ Function communication located in the throat

Associated with ~  the thyroid, throat trachea, neck, pharyngeal nerve plexus.

When in balance ~ expressive and out spoken.

When out of balance ~  Unable to speak the truth, thyroid and sinus issues.


Third eye ~ Function Intuition located the third eye between your brow space.

Associated with the ~ Pineal glad and pituitary glands, carotid nerve plexus.

When in balance ~ Deep awareness and understanding.

When out of balance ~ Out of touch with your higher self, materialistic.


Crown ~ Function Enlightenment located at the top of the head.

Associated with the brain, nervous system, pituitary and pineal glands, cerebral cortex.

When in balance ~  Self actualization, bliss

When out of balance ~ Lack of belief, skeptic.




hollie wakeham