Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the support of a hammock helping to decompress the spine and body. Aerial yoga is fun and creative helping to to achieve yoga poses you might not normally be able to achieve. Aerial yoga helps build strength, gain flexibility, confidence and gives you the freedom to explore acrobatic ore easily. With the hammock and gravity your body is able to relax and stretch easier and safer. Its not as hard as it looks and Its so much fun! 

Price & duration (one to one)

£35 - 75 mins


Aerial sling

If you love aerial yoga and you would like to get a little more acrobatical learning how to do drops and tricks beautifully choreographed into a flowing sequence, then aerial acrobatics is for you


Price & duration (one to one)

1 person £35 - 60 mins

2 people £25 each flyer - 60 mins

4 people £10 each flyer - 60 mins



What to wear!

Please wear clothing that cover armpits, body and legs.

No jewellery 

Long hair tied up