Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the support of a hammock helping to decompress the spine and body. Aerial yoga is fun and creative helping to to achieve yoga poses you might not normally be able to achieve. Aerial yoga helps build strength, gain flexibility, confidence and gives you the freedom to explore acrobatic ore easily. With the hammock and gravity your body is able to relax and stretch easier and safer. Its not as hard as it looks and Its so much fun! 



COURSE price & duration

4 weeks  £52  75 mins per session once a week 5 hours in total

Limited spaces 4 students per course.

Courses must be paid up front in order to secure a space and be allocated an aerial hammock.

One to one price & duration 

1 person £40 - 60 mins

1 person 4 sessions £150 -60 mins per session

2 people £25 each flyer - 60 mins



What to wear!

Comfortable clothing covering armpits, mid section of your body and legs. 

No baggy clothing. No zips, buttons or metal on clothing as can tear and snag the hammocks. 

No body moisturiser or fake tan.

No jewellery. 

Long hair tied up.




important faqs & questions

(Please read carefully before booking the course)


Do I have to have experience to take the class?

No experience necessary! I can’t say that enough. You don’t need to be familiar with yoga or any aerial art. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes you just have to be willing to try!

Can I take the course If I you have Injuries, health problem or If i am pregnant?

Almost anyone can take and enjoy the many health benefits of aerial yoga. With that said, those suffering from certain injuries and medical conditions should avoid aerial practice. Such conditions may include untreated high or low blood pressure, recent surgery, glaucoma, recent brain injury and other chronic cardiovascular conditions.

Women who are pregnant should not start a new aerial practice. Post-partum women should wait at least 12 weeks before beginning an aerial practice.

There will be a health form to fill out before you are able start your aerial yoga course.


    What are some of the benefits of the class?

    There are so many benefits! Aerial yoga allows students to:

    • Rapidly increase flexibility while improving balance and core strength.
    • Move more fluidly attaining proper alignment naturally
    • Decompress the neck and spine
    • Put less pressure on hands, neck, shoulders and joints than floor poses
    • Achieve more advanced postures while being supported
    • Use gravity to deepen stretches
    • Experience the benefits of inversions without risk of injury to neck or spine
    • Enhance, deepen, and advance her/his floor practice
    • Have fun while strengthening and lengthening

    Payment & booking info

    The course must be paid for in full to secure your aerial hammock and space on the course. The course will run once a week consecutively at the same time every week.  There are no refunds.

    All health & waiver forms must be filled out and returned to the class instructor before the class can be taken. 

    Please arrive at least 5 mins before the class starting time.